August 2017

FSC Board Meeting

August 13, 2017

Maria’s Lounge

  1. Call to order 6:09pm
    1. Members Present: Katelyn Copus, Carrie Helm, Stacy Krzeminski, Steve Gruenewald, Sarah Hasken
  1. Approval of July minutes
    1. Motion to approve July minutes – Sarah
    2. Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent
  1. Approval of financial report
    1. Table July financial report to September meeting

Old Business:

  1. Fall Teams/Tournaments
    1. Registrar has applied for player cards
    2. Puma is the first fall tourney for all teams (Labor Day Weekend)
    3. U8 & U10 – Raptors are interested in friendly games
  1. Fall FASA
    1. Cancelled for Fall 2017
    2. 32 players were registered
  1. Uniforms
    1. Girls Purchasing on Own, Orange Jerseys, Printed locally
  1. Goals
    1. Need to order one set of 11×11
    2. Table until September Meeting
  1. Website
    1. Katelyn & Toni have been in contact to schedule a meeting to discuss a few things before Alex creates a proposal
  1. 3v3 Tournament
    1. Cancelled due to flooding
    2. Raffle & Cookout held on 8/6/17
    3. Club covering expenses, refunds given to each team (80%)
    4. Saving prizes from games for next year

New Business:

  1. Sexual Abuse Training – Sara Hasken
    1. Representative from each club take an online course and present information to the coaches
    2. Carrie will look into the training and update the board via email
  1. Refund from Spring – Sara Shockey
    1. High School Boys Team – Refund $20 off for the card fee, 25% off Spring season if paid in full, players with outstanding balance/scholarship doesn’t apply
    2. U-11 Boys are picking up an extra tournament in the Fall
    3. Carrie made a motion to approve the refund for the High School Boys Team
      1. First – Stacy, Second – Sarah
      2. Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Coaches Compensation
    1. Head Coach gets 50% off fees for one player for the year
    2. Gift card compensation for a coach without a player TBD
    3. Carrie made a motion to approve coaches compensation beginning Fall 2017
      1. First – Sarah, Second – Steve
      2. Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Goal Storage/Sportsplex
    1. Move Goals to storage for winter
    2. Garage at Sportsplex needs to be cleaned – set date at 9/10 meeting – looking at mid-September
  1. Scholarships for 2017-18
    1. Executive Session


Carrie made a motion to move to executive session at 6:46, Sarah second

Carrie made a motion to move back to regular session at 6:56, Sarah second


Executive Session:

  1. Carrie made a motion to approve scholarships #1-5 for the 2017-18 season
    1. Stacy second, approved unanimous consent


Next meeting is scheduled 9/10/17 at 6pm at Maria’s Lounge

Motion to adjourn made by Carrie, Second – Steve

Meeting adjourned at 6:58pm