December 2017

FSC Board Meeting

December 10, 2017


  1. Call to order 6:09pm
    1. Members Present: Katelyn Copus, Carrie Helm, Toni Green, Amber Williams, Sara Shockey, Stacy Krzeminski, Heidi Ludolph
  1. Approval of November minutes
    1. Motion to approve November minutes – Carrie
    2. Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent
  1. Approval of financial report
    1. Motion to approve financial report – Heidi
    2. Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent
    3. Illinois Non for Profit check cleared

Old Business:

  1. Board Member Positions: Nominations for January Board Meeting
    1. Secretary – Katelyn Copus
    2. Treasurer – OPEN
    3. Website – Stacy Krzeminski
    4. President – Jennifer Viveros
    5. Vice President — Stacy Krzeminski
    6. Registrar – Sara Shockey
    7. Members at Large – Amber Williams, Toni Green, Sarah Hasken, Heidi Ludolph, Myles Anthony, Liz Powe
  1. Indoor Season
    1. Waiting on information from Raptors
    2. Typically January through March
  1. Outstanding Balances
    1. Carrie will draft a letter to families who have not paid. Families MUST start paying their dues or NO practice. Board President will send out.
  1. Website Re-Design
    1. Toni & Stacy have a meeting the 19th to start creating the website. Takes 8-10 weeks to complete.


New Business:

  1. Carrie motioned to move to executive session at 6:40, Stacy second

Stacy made a motion to move back to regular session at 6:46, Toni second

Next meeting is scheduled 1/14/18 at 6pm at Benchwarmers

Motion to adjourn made by Carrie, Second – Heidi

Meeting adjourned at 6:49pm