July 2017

FSC Board Meeting

July 10, 2017


  1. Call to order 6:15pm
    1. Members Present: Toni Green, Jennifer Viveros, Katelyn Copus, Heidi Ludolph, Stacy Krzeminski, Carrie Helm, Sarah Hasken
  1. Approval of April & June minutes
    1. Motion to approve April minutes – Stacy
    2. Motion to approve June minutes – Jennifer
    3. Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent
  1. Approval of financial report
    1. Motion to approve July financial minutes – Heidi
    2. Write off players from financials
      1. Motion to approve – Sarah
      2. Approved by unanimous consent
  • Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent

Old Business:

  1. Tryouts
    1. Held on 6/6/17
  1. Coaches Compensation
    1. Table until August
  1. Grievances
    1. Email to coaches to remind them the philosophy of the club
  1. Fall FASA
    1. Information is on the website
    2. Registration is going on now
    3. Deadline to register is 7/17/2017
  1. 3v3 Tournament
    1. 46 teams registered, tentative scheduled released 7/15/17
    2. Sportsplex cleanup on 7/10/17
    3. PEAK 3v3 cancelled because not enough teams


New Business:

  1. Fall Teams/Tournaments
    1. U8 Coed, U10 boys, U12 girls, U12 boys
    2. Team Meeting Night at Sportspslex Monday July 24th at 5:30pm for coaches, 6:30pm for players to meet the coach/team
  1. Uniforms
    1. Players have expressed that the white jersey gets too dirty and the black jersey is too hot
    2. Add a jersey for each player – orange as an option – add per team
  1. Goals – Repair or Buy New
    1. Need to buy a set of U10 size goals for FASA
      1. Approximately $1500-2000 per goal
    2. Some of the goals could use a new net, there are nets in garbage bags
    3. Wait until after 3v3 to decide on new goals/nets
  1. Website
    1. Need to gather two proposals and vote
      1. Katelyn will talk to Alex
      2. Toni will talk to Amy


Next meeting is scheduled 8/13/17 at 6pm at Maria’s Lounge

Motion to adjourn made by Sarah, Second – Jennifer

Meeting adjourned at 7:39pm