June 2017

FSC Board Meeting

June 11, 2017

Fiesta Tequila

  1. Call to order 7:11pm
    1. Members Present: Toni Green, Jennifer Viveros, Katelyn Copus, Heidi Ludolph, Stacy Krzeminski
  1. Approval of April minutes
    1. Wait to approve at the July board meeting
  1. Approval of financial reports (April & May)
    1. Motion to approve April financial minutes – Heidi
    2. Motion to approve May financial minutes – Heidi
  • Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent

Old Business:

  1. Cheese Sale
    1. Approximately $2,000 profit
    2. U16 Boys did not participate
    3. U8 Team – some participated, not all (Will start as a club team in the fall 2017.)
  1. 3v3 Tournament
    1. Update – Stacy
      1. July 22, 2017
      2. Committee is collecting sponsorships
  1. Sportsplex Keys
    1. Three extra sets of keys were made
  1. Uniforms – U16 team
    1. All ordered & paid

New Business:

  1. Uniforms
    1. Discuss the possibility of ordering new uniforms at the next meeting
  1. Tryouts
    1. Fall Season Teams
      1. U12 Girls Team (9v9), U12 Boys Team (9v9), U10 Boys Team, U8or9 Team
      2. Another meeting to discuss
  2. Coaches Teams
    1. Background Check New Coaches
  1. Coaches
    1. Compensations – Table until the next meeting for fall season
    2. Grievances
      1. Executive Session
  1. Fall FASA
    1. High School Girl Players to help coach
    2. Dates set & fliers will be passed out to current players
    3. Reach out to The Journal Standard to get coverage
  1. Peak Academy
    1. Rockton on July 15th
    2. Toni made a motion for the board to cover one team from each age-group to play in the 3v3 tournament, approved by unanimous consent
    3. Team managers will forward the email to all teams


Toni made a motion to move to executive session at 7:46, Heidi second

Heidi made a motion to move back to regular session at 8:01, Stacy second

Executive Session:

  1. Coach/Player Issue


Next meeting is scheduled 7/9/17 at 6pm at Maria’s Lounge

Motion to adjourn made by Toni, Second – Heidi

Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm