November 2017

FSC Board Meeting

November 12, 2017

Pub 219

  1. Call to order 6:06pm
    1. Members Present: Katelyn Copus, Carrie Helm, Jennifer Viveros, Toni Green, Amber Williams, Sara Shockey, Sarah Hasken, Myles Anthony
  1. Approval of August & October minutes
    1. Motion to approve August & October minutes – Carrie
    2. Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent
  1. Approval of financial report
    1. Motion to approve financial report – Sarah
    2. Financial minutes approved by unanimous consent
    3. CD is due — moving back into savings

Old Business:

  1. Parking Lot Pavement
  2. Recreational Registration Fees w/ IYSA for FASA
  3. Scholarships
  4. Indoor Season
    1. Waiting on information from Raptors

New Business:

  1. Website Re-Design
    1. Peace of Mind On-line
    2. $3,750 Non-Profit Price
    3. Add Ons Available at anytime
    4. Motion to approve Website ($3,750) with add on forms ($450) – Toni
      1. Second – Carrie
      2. $4,200 – Approved by unanimous consent
  1. Outstanding Balances
    1. Moved to executive session
  1. Board Position Openings
    1. Two members leaving in January – Carrie & Toni
    2. New members interested in joining come to the December meeting
    3. Treasurer Position Available


Toni made a motion to move to executive session at 6:32, Carrie second

Jennifer made a motion to move back to regular session at 7:44, Sarah second

Executive Session:

  1. Payments
    1. Players need to make a payment arrangement
    2. If players are not paying, they will not be allowed to play winter indoor


Next meeting is scheduled 12/10/17 at 6pm at Ciminos

Motion to adjourn made by Carrie, Second – Stacy

Meeting adjourned at 6:45pm